Monday, 10 September 2012

Adventurous Sunday.

Me and my family took a wee trip to Callander on this sunday.The weather was not promising as usual here in Scotland,but nevetheless we managed to convince everyone to go for a wee trip and make our dinner on fire by the waters.We packed ourselves in two cars and headed our way.My puppy Pippin managed to puke the whole way as he's not used to riding in a car just yet.It was fine though by the time we reached our destination,he felt the call of the wild,sniffed the air and trees and off he went!The sky looked so magical,dark blue clouds hanging heavy above our heads,mist in between the trees,made me not miss the sun after all.We made fire from logs we found laying close by and started cooking our sausages and stakes.We sat there together talking about sweet nothings,eating,drinking beer and laughing.Such simple things and so enjoyable beyond explanation!I have put a couple of photographs we took around the place...

 Little river crossing through the woods.
It's funny how every poisonous
mushroom i see always grows
by the roadside,so reachable and visible as if tempting you-eat me eat me!

So dark in the middle of day...

This is the sad devastation i came across the forest,hidden,so that nobody can see what's been done...

Another poisonous mushroom,no sight of edibles!

Pip had to be still kept on long leash,wild wee beastie!

 Waiting patiently for his prey....

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