Sunday, 20 July 2014

Has it been over a year?...Wow,i don't even know where to start,so much has happened since...I'm back now and promise to start writing again whenever i find time...which is scarce these days and has been for over a year now.Well nobody can blame me i guess for choosing to live adventorous & enjoying life rather than stuck on the internet reading other peoples stories and adventures or just plain filling my head with junk...
Last year we took on a journey through Europe starting from UK and ending up in Turkey.So whenever i find a moment between feeding and amusing my little 1 month old boy (yes that's another 'adventure' that has happened to us in the meantime,biggest of them all!) i shall write about our journey,personal experiences in each of the places we visited.
For now,take care my darlings...Love.


Thursday, 9 May 2013

Bright fresh world.

I cannot believe how much has changed around me since my last post.It's finally spring time and cold grey days turned all of a sudden into bright sunny and sometimes scorching days.The naked trees and shrubs exploded with flowers and green buds as if waited for years and couldn't hold it in anymore.It's so beautifull right now,i see pinks,blues,yellows,reds,purples literally everywhere!The time between flowering and growing lush green leaves is such a short time,that i think we all should be out and about as much as possible right now (of course as one's lifestyle permits) as within just weeks all petals will fall and there will be another year before we can smell them and see them again,so everyone just cherish this short miracle and beauty that is happening right now!

My bicycle has been updated accordingly!

Pippin has gotten into the character and looks like us now,all dressed for the job!
Doing my job,which also allows me to spend time outside in the sun...

Berrie enjoying some fresh air

Life will always find a way,
A light in the darkness...

Thursday, 28 March 2013

Nearing spring-time

Time is passing fast,it's end of March now,and it seems to me like the last 2 months past in a blink of an eye.Days spent either cozying up in our caravan,drinking hot tea and barley coffee,or on walks with Pip in a nearby woodland which i found by accident while out exploring the area.The sun gets up earlier and earlier each day coming from around 9.00am 2 months ago till 6.00am now.Biggest thing that happened so far was the change of our home on wheels to new one,as our Hobby was deteriorating day by day into the state of beyond repair!Cracks,leaks,rotten wood was showing to us everyday and making it hard to enjoy life in it,so we had to change it for smaller British version of Conqueror which is now proving itself to us and finally having not just water-but a hot water inside is really a godsend!Washing up dishes in winter freezing water is not the most pleasant and healthy experience...

I've had a 6 day visit from my sister,she came all the way from Scotland to see me on my birthday.We had a chance to catch up and i showed her around.We've done nice,interesting things,and also the boring parts like going to the laundrette!

 Berrie,as always content within herself,munching and snuggling nice and cozy inside our darkened home...

Lots of flower buds came out so early,thinking it's time,then surprised with white blanket of cold that has been the end of so many new born lambs lives this year...

 I have started inventing my own simple one pot dishes,healthy,home-made,easy and tasty...however not the best looking.

I am fairly sure,that the worst,coldest and greyest times are nearly over.

Monday, 28 January 2013

Big Changes.


THIS is our new home.
We have decided to change our life,no more boring 9-5 job,no more every day routine,no more city greyness and unhappiness within ourselves.Drastic change has finally materialised and we couldnt be more joyfull!We have packed all we have into our new home,cut all ties with the place and we were gone from there.Starting afresh in new places,new freedoms we never had before.
I always loved caravan life,of course it has its difficulties,but for me,the freedom and happiness from it is far greater than grounded house.It is in our human nature to want to settle roots,but in these time we now live in,its very difficult to find this perfect place and feel content for the rest of one's life.So i will not.
It's been nearly a month since the move,we already had some things to deal with,like frozen water,burst pipes,extreme winds and all the colourfull things that come with life in a caravan.And it's so amazing to actually know,what goes on outside,what temperature it is,to see every cat and fox pass outside.Im no longer shut in electric box of concrete which i hated so much.

                           Last moments of life in Scotland.
          The sun came out especially on that day,as if the greet us goodbye...

 All our things packed,including the very important miss piggy and her kingdom...
 I have purchased my new way of transport,since i live in a place where the rain doesnt visit as often as Scotland.
 I found some flora i havent seen before...looks like blueberries growing on a shrub...
                                          Pippins paw print on a fresh snow.
Always so curious what we're doing...


Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Golden autumn walkies with Pip

I meant to write this post a while ago,2 months that is judging by the fact that i can already see snow outside my window right now...I took some pictures of different kinds of leaves i found on walkies with my Pippin.There's such a variety to be found even when you live in so called 'concrete jungle'.By finding happiness in simple everyday things you will definitely find the strenght and patience to hold on and wait for better times.


Monday, 17 September 2012

Monday, 10 September 2012

Adventurous Sunday.

Me and my family took a wee trip to Callander on this sunday.The weather was not promising as usual here in Scotland,but nevetheless we managed to convince everyone to go for a wee trip and make our dinner on fire by the waters.We packed ourselves in two cars and headed our way.My puppy Pippin managed to puke the whole way as he's not used to riding in a car just yet.It was fine though by the time we reached our destination,he felt the call of the wild,sniffed the air and trees and off he went!The sky looked so magical,dark blue clouds hanging heavy above our heads,mist in between the trees,made me not miss the sun after all.We made fire from logs we found laying close by and started cooking our sausages and stakes.We sat there together talking about sweet nothings,eating,drinking beer and laughing.Such simple things and so enjoyable beyond explanation!I have put a couple of photographs we took around the place...

 Little river crossing through the woods.
It's funny how every poisonous
mushroom i see always grows
by the roadside,so reachable and visible as if tempting you-eat me eat me!

So dark in the middle of day...

This is the sad devastation i came across the forest,hidden,so that nobody can see what's been done...

Another poisonous mushroom,no sight of edibles!

Pip had to be still kept on long leash,wild wee beastie!

 Waiting patiently for his prey....