Monday, 28 January 2013

Big Changes.


THIS is our new home.
We have decided to change our life,no more boring 9-5 job,no more every day routine,no more city greyness and unhappiness within ourselves.Drastic change has finally materialised and we couldnt be more joyfull!We have packed all we have into our new home,cut all ties with the place and we were gone from there.Starting afresh in new places,new freedoms we never had before.
I always loved caravan life,of course it has its difficulties,but for me,the freedom and happiness from it is far greater than grounded house.It is in our human nature to want to settle roots,but in these time we now live in,its very difficult to find this perfect place and feel content for the rest of one's life.So i will not.
It's been nearly a month since the move,we already had some things to deal with,like frozen water,burst pipes,extreme winds and all the colourfull things that come with life in a caravan.And it's so amazing to actually know,what goes on outside,what temperature it is,to see every cat and fox pass outside.Im no longer shut in electric box of concrete which i hated so much.

                           Last moments of life in Scotland.
          The sun came out especially on that day,as if the greet us goodbye...

 All our things packed,including the very important miss piggy and her kingdom...
 I have purchased my new way of transport,since i live in a place where the rain doesnt visit as often as Scotland.
 I found some flora i havent seen before...looks like blueberries growing on a shrub...
                                          Pippins paw print on a fresh snow.
Always so curious what we're doing...


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