Thursday, 28 March 2013

Nearing spring-time

Time is passing fast,it's end of March now,and it seems to me like the last 2 months past in a blink of an eye.Days spent either cozying up in our caravan,drinking hot tea and barley coffee,or on walks with Pip in a nearby woodland which i found by accident while out exploring the area.The sun gets up earlier and earlier each day coming from around 9.00am 2 months ago till 6.00am now.Biggest thing that happened so far was the change of our home on wheels to new one,as our Hobby was deteriorating day by day into the state of beyond repair!Cracks,leaks,rotten wood was showing to us everyday and making it hard to enjoy life in it,so we had to change it for smaller British version of Conqueror which is now proving itself to us and finally having not just water-but a hot water inside is really a godsend!Washing up dishes in winter freezing water is not the most pleasant and healthy experience...

I've had a 6 day visit from my sister,she came all the way from Scotland to see me on my birthday.We had a chance to catch up and i showed her around.We've done nice,interesting things,and also the boring parts like going to the laundrette!

 Berrie,as always content within herself,munching and snuggling nice and cozy inside our darkened home...

Lots of flower buds came out so early,thinking it's time,then surprised with white blanket of cold that has been the end of so many new born lambs lives this year...

 I have started inventing my own simple one pot dishes,healthy,home-made,easy and tasty...however not the best looking.

I am fairly sure,that the worst,coldest and greyest times are nearly over.

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