Thursday, 9 May 2013

Bright fresh world.

I cannot believe how much has changed around me since my last post.It's finally spring time and cold grey days turned all of a sudden into bright sunny and sometimes scorching days.The naked trees and shrubs exploded with flowers and green buds as if waited for years and couldn't hold it in anymore.It's so beautifull right now,i see pinks,blues,yellows,reds,purples literally everywhere!The time between flowering and growing lush green leaves is such a short time,that i think we all should be out and about as much as possible right now (of course as one's lifestyle permits) as within just weeks all petals will fall and there will be another year before we can smell them and see them again,so everyone just cherish this short miracle and beauty that is happening right now!

My bicycle has been updated accordingly!

Pippin has gotten into the character and looks like us now,all dressed for the job!
Doing my job,which also allows me to spend time outside in the sun...

Berrie enjoying some fresh air

Life will always find a way,
A light in the darkness...

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