Tuesday, 5 June 2012

For all the girls out there...
One thing my mum has always try to tell me as a woman to a girl,is to take care of my skin the proper way.I am the kind of person that tries to keep my beauty regime including make-up to a minimal.I do prefer to be just the way i am most of the time,but i won't deny the fact that i just like the slight corrections of a mascara,lip balm or a wonderfully herbal scented cream.It must be in our nature.The only thing is,if you overdo the make up,for one you will look like a clown,second, your skin will get irreparably damaged,i do hate the foundations as they suffocate the skin and make eczema or acne even worse.Believe it or not even the biggest brand name creams make more damage than good,and its best to find out exactly what goes in them,which is NOT specified at the back of the tub!Anyone knows what lead is?Yes,they put it in foundations,lipsticks even mascaras....and it's not the only thing.So acctually if you can't do without make-up,at least you'll be happy to know you'll be better off with cheaper options as the cheap brands don't use all this poison in their products,that's why they don't last like 48 hours or so.And who wears lipstick for 48 h anyways?
My mother is living proof,she never used any creams or make up,and now at the age of 43 has absolutely no wrinkles whatsoever,skin of a 25 year old,and it's not in the genes believe me...
My make up bag consists of a mascara,lipstick & eyeliner for special occasions only.I got one cream i use most of the time and it's a Turkish cream Arko,made with real yoghurt & berries ingredients and it never failed me with my eczema and sensitive skin.Recently i've become greatly interested with natural remedies and came across some really easy recipies for beauty products.I think we should use what we've been originaly given,like herbs and plants.There's hundreds of them out there,some you might even find growing in your garden!Below are some easy and natural recipies that your skin will love,and you will enjoy making.


- 3 tablespoons of olive oil
-3 tablespoons of sugar
-5 drops of your favourite essential oil (optional)
-1 pinch dried herbs like lavender,rosemary,marjoram,thyme etc.
-1 fresh lemon or lime

Mix the oil,sugar,herbs in a bowl
Add essential oil carefully
For extra scent and style you can add a little of lemon or lime zest.
Put in a little jar and ready!

Place a teaspoon of the mixture onto palms of your hands,then rub and massage around the palm,fingers and cuticles.
Rinse your hands in warm water while rubbing them all over with
 slices or quarters of lemon or lime,this cuts through the oil and helps
 to dissolve the sugar.Once rinsed pat your hands dry.

I will definitely make these as a little gifts for my family for next year's Christmas festivities...


-1 avocado                                                                               
-1 tablespoon of honey                                                             


Mash the avocado and mix up with honey,then smear all over your face,leave on for
15 minutes,then rinse off with warm water.                                                     

Avocado is perfect for dry or mature skin and is full of minerals and vitamins.Honey is incredibly
nourishing and anti-inflammatory so perfect for sensitive skins.   


Coffee temporarily stains brunette hair and makes it look richer.


Mix a strong cup of black coffee (about 5 teaspoons in regular mug should do it),
tip your head over the sink with plug in,pour the mixture through your hair,then collect the
the coffee in the bottom of sink with the mug and repeat until it's all been absorbed by
your hair.Squeeze the excess out and leave it to dry for 15 minutes.Then wash it out as you
do with shampoo.Voila!

                        WHITE TEETH

   YOU WILL NEED:                                                        
- baking powder                                                          

If your teeth have been stained by things like coffee,wine,food,etc. wet your toothbrush and dip
it in some baking powder,then brush your teeth gently for 3 minutes,rinse and repeat.The fizzing
of the powder helps to shift and lift stubborn stains.Do this once a week .

YOU WILL NEED:                                                                                  

- 3 teabags of chamomile tea brewed in a cup of hot water                                  
Repeat all the steps as from ''Boost Brunette Locks'' trick.        



YOU WILL NEED:                                                                         
-palmful of olive oil                                                                          

Spread oil all over your face and gently massage in circular movements.Lay a hot damp flannel or muslin cloth onto your oiled face and relax for 5 mins to allow the oil and steam to work together.Gently wipe excess oil from your skin with cold cloth.                                                                                                                

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