Friday, 23 March 2012

Found the spring!

I'm so happy to see everything coming back to life after this cold dark winter.The trees start blooming
and letting out little green buds everywhere,showing,that beneath the dark thick skin of their's there is always life....

A beautifull bunch of what i believe are crocuses at St James'es Park in London.

This crow has especially posed for my camera before take-off,probably as a thank you for that piece of fruit buisquit i gave him....
 Our recent escapade took us to London,for a very short time,but nevertheless full of adventure and unexpectedness.What was behind it is not really important or worth mentioning,but to see London again always brings a smile on my face.The city somehow always takes my breath away,there is something in the air that holds my imagination so closely to it.I couldn't help but take these little photos of some of the nature i seen in St James'es Park,so full of life and green which you would never expect to come across in the heart of this huge city.The beach photograph below was taken in Portsmouth,always sunnier and hotter than any part of Scotland could ever be....


  1. Awwwww.... Lovely pictures. I am also glad to see the world wake up. It's been a dark winter and spring is what we all need. Thank you very much for the photographs :)

  2. Thank you dear for kind words :)