Sunday, 15 January 2012

Nuts about nuts

On this just passed Christmas,i noticed something strange.Hazelnuts (one of the best creations of mother earth on this planet) can be bought in nice big bags and quantities in any supermarket...only at Christmas time.I thought why?Besides containing high amounts of protein and unsaturated fat,it has vitamins that are nesessery for healthy blood,heart and muscles in general,as well as healthy reproductive system.This is how much of the good stuff hazelnuts contain:
~vitamin C
~vitamin K
~vitamin E
~thiamine (vit. B1)
~riboflavin (vit. B2)
~niacin (vit. B3)
~pantothenic acid (vit. B5)
~vitamin B6

I know...i don't understand much of this either,but one thing i can tell...
My sweet toothed other half has always had a very soft skin,which is unusual for a guy,even i don't have such a 'baby bum' skin,and i was thinking jammy dodger...
....and then i saw this:

That is acctually our kitchen corner,and so it explaines his 'luck'.He is of Turkish origin,and his family
have a land in Turkey,with hazelnut plantation so he's grown up with nuts and fruits of all sorts.I am proud to say,that i personally helped to gather some nuts by hand,one august's sunny day,on the steep hazelnut hills,and i will tell you it's not an easy task,in the Turkish heat.                                            
 And so thats what we do,evening times,we sit down,get cosy,watch a movie and munch on hazelnuts rather than crisps.So maybe we should start eating more of these little vitamin bombes?As you can
see,we made our stock in December,and hopefully it will last us for a year (untill next Yuletide),
although knowing my beau,it may not happen...                                                                     

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