Sunday, 22 January 2012

The Strange and Wonderfull world of Rima Staines

A couple of years ago,when i was living up the north of Scotland,in lovely little town of Oban,i was walking on the street as any other day,and i noticed a wee stall on the side by the pier.It was a stall full of little paintings made on paper and wood slices,things i only seen in my imagination and dreams.I cannot even express what was it that pulled me so towards the stall.The whole thing had such a earthfullness to it,brown and burned orange colours,from the stall to the paintings and pictures.And there was a man sitting amongst all this beauty,with long brown dreadlocks.I had to come and ask who's the wonderfull artist,and i was given a little card with the name of Rima Staines on it,and introducing her 'The Hermitage' website and blog.Unfortunately,enchanted as i was,i could not buy any print,as i was still at school,and every penny counted for my family,but i left the stall with great appreheantion (and pull from my sister).As i did not know much about internet at the time,all i had left was that wee card,reminding me all this time that i would have to find her (Rima) again.I didn't see her in person that day (she must have popped out for some tea perhaps),my sister did.Maybe for the better as i would probably have showered her with silly questions...
So now i finally did find her and The Hermitage,where she puts pictures of her paintings,progresses of making them,as well as documenting her travels,adventures,thoughts and many more.And what a remarkable journeys she had too!Perhaps something that some of us only dream of having the guts to do.
So if you enjoy reading stories as well as real life adventures,fascinated with nature,legends and all things magical and curious,it will be a lovely read for you.The prints and some of Rimas original work is available to purchase here in Etsy website.She also makes personalised clocks here,although due to neverending commissions list,at the moment she is not able to take any more orders (try in the future though).
I find strange and yet familiar melancholy in the paintings,the eyes of the people on them express sadness somehow,but beautifull one,if you can understand what i mean...i find pensiveness and melancholy beautifull and always have done,the music to me is most wonderfull when there's a little bit of  saddness,a story behind it and a hint of gloominess.Listen to the Enigma music project by Michael Cretu,and you will know what is in my heart....

When you go into The Hermitage,these words welcome you:

 Welcome travellers,if your feet are weary,be cheered,for your road is nearing it's end.Follow the sign
   to the Hermitage,a phantasmagoria of fancy,a museum of myth,realm of the ridiculous and online
   home of Rima Staines,Illustrator,Painter,Maker of things and Teller of tales...
Far away and long ago,there was a place that is also close by and right now.To get there you must
  step around the corner of everything that you hold to be real,and yield to an odd world which will
  take you in hand and tell you stories so strange and beautifull that you will be sorry to leave.
Welcome to the Hermitage...

A little cottage in the forest,a stopping place on your journey.Please come inside,stay awhile and wonder through rooms of curiousities...

One of the custom order clocks
Finished clock

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